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We continue to work in close partnership with local suppliers

How to become a supplier

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier to Kumba the first step is that you learn about our business and understand what we expect of our suppliers (click here to read more). Once you know this you’ll need to follow the process for prospective suppliers, as laid out below.

Email details about your company to

We will confirm, via email, that we have received your information and will reply with a basic questionnaire

Once you've filled in the questionnaire email it back to us

Your details will be kept on record as a prospective supplier. If the opportunity arises and we require your services we will contact you to undergo a more comprehensive process

To note: Registration as a prospective supplier does not guarantee you business from Kumba, nor does it represent a contractual agreement or arrangement in any way.

Suppliers will be notified of specific trade opportunities via dedicated sourcing events run by the responsible sourcing practitioners or teams as they arise. Should your services be specifically required by Kumba, you will be requested to complete a further, more comprehensive profile in due course.

Kumba reserves the right to verify all credentials submitted therein, prior to qualifying any supplier as an approved trade vendor.

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