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People are central to our business at Kumba

Our people

Our people are the difference, our people are the business

At Kumba employees are central to the success of our business. Satisfied and fulfilled employees are productive, loyal and innovative contributors. We believe in sound labour relations which contribute positively to the sustainability of the business.

Developing our employees and communities

Through continuous engagement, we prioritise the needs of Kumba employees at all levels, as well as those of local and host communities.

At Kumba we strive to empower our employees and communities with knowledge, particularly regarding our ongoing performance results, because we believe that in doing so we can enhance a collective understanding of the business.

The education of our people is fundamental to a sustainable future for all.

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Kumba has a policy of employing people from local communities as far as this is possible; we only recruit people from outside the area if a specific skill is not available locally.

In the Northern Cape, where our two largest mines are located, our definition of local is quite specific. We consider employees as locals if their homes fall within a 50km radius of our mines, as the province is sparsely populated and the communities are dispersed.

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Envision makes our employees our shareholders

"Envision is a broad-based success story for our employees, our community and our country. Envision sits alongside our diverse broad based empowerment initiatives and sets a benchmark for empowerment goals and ideals in South Africa. We are immensely proud of its continued success." – CEO Norman Mbazima

Our employee share ownership empowerment scheme, Envision, was established in 2006 to give employees who contribute to meeting production targets daily the opportunity to share in the success of the company. The worker’s share scheme forms part of Kumba’s three-part empowerment programme which delivers transformation to the corporate, employee and community fields. In terms of the scheme rules, qualifying employees are allocated units in Envision and receive dividends twice a year.

Through Envision our employees have received R2.7bn in dividend payouts so far.

Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.

Kumba Iron Ore