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The Anglo American group portfolio spans bulk commodities, base metals and precious metals and minerals

Group portfolio


We have high quality coal assets producing the products our customers need – both metallurgical coal for steel manufacture and thermal coal for electricity generation. We’re the world’s third largest exporter of metallurgical coal, operating in Australia and Canada. We own and operate seven thermal coal mines in South Africa, and hold a 73% shareholding in Inyosi Coal, a broad-based black economic empowerment company. Outside of South Africa, we also have operations in Australia and Colombia.

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Our copper business is helping meet high demand across the developing world, which we expect to increase as these new economies mature and their consumers demand copper-dependent products. We have interests in six copper operations in Chile. We produce copper concentrate, copper cathode and associated by-products such as molybdenum and silver.

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Anglo American owns 85% of De Beers, the world’s leading diamond company. The remaining 15% of De Beers is owned by the Government of the Republic of Botswana. Through De Beers and its partners we produce about a third of the world’s rough diamonds by value, employing more than 20,000 people around the world. We span the value chain – exploring, producing, sorting, valuing and selling – all the time looking to create value in a safe and sustainable way.

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Iron ore and manganese

In a world of declining quality iron ore supplies, our iron ore operations are positioned to supply premium products to our customers, helping meet ever growing demand. We have large, high quality iron ore resources in Brazil as well as in South Africa. In manganese we have a 40% share in Samancor Holdings in South Africa and Australia.

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Our nickel business is well placed to serve the global stainless steel industry, which depends on nickel and drives demand for it. Our nickel assets are in Brazil, with two ferronickel production sites – Barro Alto and Codemin, in the state of Goiás.

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We’re one of the world’s three largest niobium producers. Our operations are located in Goiás state, Brazil. With demand tied to the market for high strength and speciality steels set to increase, we’re preparing for continued growth, with our sights set on becoming the world’s second largest producer of niobium.

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Brazil is the world’s fourth largest market for phosphate fertilisers. Our phosphates business is based in the agricultural heartland of Brazil and plays a key role in helping to produce the food the world needs. We have an integrated operation that covers mining phosphate ore, refining it to produce P2O5 concentrate and processing this into intermediate and final products.

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We provide the world with about 40% of newly mined platinum, making us the leading primary producer of platinum group metals (PGMs). Our operations are located in the Bushveld Complex in South Africa and the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe. With extensive ore reserves, we’re set to remain a leading PGM producer. We aim to sustain a competitive and profitable business that supports our communities’ needs over the long term.

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